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Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus

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  • Size153 * 173 * 25 mm
  • Weight205 g

[Deoku Co.,Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus 

│ Description │

Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus is a Deluxe Facial Mask added with premium dual-functioning components and human stem cell conditioned media (Skin-whitening, anti-wrinkle)

The leading mask for popularizing the stem cell culture media cosmetics with incomparable quality and price.

│ Effectiveness of the Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus │

* Skin whitening
'Niacinamide' known as a vitamin PP and water-soluble vitamin B3 is an essential element in our body and is contained in green vegetables, cereals and others. Also, it is a typical whitening ingredient that is helpful to cultivating a clean and clear skin.

* Wrinkles Improvement
"Adenosine" which is the protein ingredient of amino acid types present in the cells of all living things recovers the skin cell viability by activating the synthesis of the DNA and protein in the skin dermis and improves the skin elasticity by promoting the collagen synthesis.

* The Cellonskin stem cell conditioned media ingredients contained in the 'Revital Mask Plus' will newly transform your skin.
- Human stem cell conditioned media is a natural gift to the skin's nutrient supply which creates a regenerating effect for damaged skin.
- New cells in 24 hours!
- human stem cell conditioned media contains various "cell growth factors" that are created during stem cell proliferating process, which includes cytokine, fibronectin, collagen and etc.
- Cytokine is the glycoprotein that serves as the core of human immune system and is also used as a signaling compound that controls and stimulates the body's defense system (It has crucial functions regarding immunity, infectious disease prevention, hematogenous functions and cell development).
- Cell growth factors are proteins that accelerates the division, growth and differentiation of various cells.

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Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus

Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus

Cellonskin Revital Mask Plus